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1. Complete the online booking form below and click 'Send' to secure your place for next term. 
2. Print off the 'Payment Slip' above, complete and return with payment at the next judo class.

3. For the introduction of GDPR, we are required to have a 'PRIVACY NOTICE' and 'DATA INVENTORY' document in place to allow members to know what information we hold, why we hold it, how we use it and who has access to the information.  Both the Privacy Notice and Data Inventory are included in the Policies and Procedures Page of the website.

4. In line with GDPR, should there be any reason that you do not wish to complete the booking form, please feel free to contact us by another method and provide us with the necessary information.  Information is held for 12 months if someone leaves The Judo Academy.

5. We are also required by the NSPCC, Child Protection in Sport Unit to hold consent for participation in judo and consent to use photographs of any member on our website or Twitter page.  There is a tick box question at the bottom of the page and if not ticked, we will not use your child in photos on our website or Twitter page.

Age / Class ( 7 / P3)
Date of birth
Mobile Number
Email Address
Please list any medical condition(s), and or injury that may affect you / your child's participation in judo
Policies & Procedures are listed on the website
I agree to the policies & procedures as listed
I have read the club rules
I will have NGB insurance in place after 4 weeks
I have read the standards of behaviour
I have read the photography and video policy
I consent to photos of the above member to appear in
Group photos on the club website
Promotional photos on club Twitter page
I consent to the information above being used in line with the club's GDPR privacy statement
 Please note
 1. After Schools clubs are based on an average of 10 classes per term (exception is when a school has a separate arrangement).
2.  The Judo Academy will always keep the cost as competitive as possible.  Currently, the cost is £40 per term per child.

3. The Judo Academy commit to be at the school on the specified day each week.  The exception will be when the venue is not available due to a school event, closure or an unforeseen weather disruption.

4. In the September term, the children are likely to have the opportunity for 12 + classes.  There is no extra cost for these classes.  This arrangement more than compensates for any classes that are not on due to school events, sports day, school shows, presentation or award days. 

5. When term fees for judo have been paid, it is important to note that you are paying for your 'place' for the whole term, irrespective of how many classes you choose to attend. 
Places are at a premium, and operate on a one out  / one in basis.  Waiting lists are in operation. 
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