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Costs & insurance!


After three weeks, it is necessary for everyone participating in Judo to apply for insurance to participate in judo classes.  This is facilitated in the form of a membership fee to the NGB, either IJA/NIJF. Just like all insurance policies, renewal is necessary each year.

The Judo Academy do not have control of these costs.  


The Judo Academy is a fully inclusive sports club and is affiliated to both the Irish Judo Association and N.I. Judo Federation. Members can choose to affiliate to either association with same benefits and services. 

Both memberships can be purchased or renewed online at;

  • Current insurance costs are 25 euro (IJA) and £24 (NIJF)per child. (see insurance forms for teens /adults. 

  • Cost of grading for children is £10 and adults £20 per grade.(includes new belt)


The Judo Academy does NOT charge an annual membership fee. 
We aim to keep costs at a minimum for all participants; and are proud of being an inclusive sports club catering for multi racial, multi denominational and cross community judo.

After Schools Judo Classes are competitively priced at £40
(payment is per child per term and is made in advance for all classes)
The Judo Academy commit to be at the school/venue on the designated day every week of the term (exceptions may occur to facilitate other school functions). There are an average of 10 classes per term; although this is dictated by each individual school's term dates.  
Students will have the opportunity to take part in club gradings once every term.  They will also have the opportunity to participate in Judo festivals, Inter club competitions and further their Judo development at secondary classes at one of The Judo Academy venues in the community.

 Evening/Weekend classes are in the form of a 'Mat Fee' - £4.50
(Families of 3 or more will pay no more than £10 per class)

Discounted rates are available for multiple participants from the same family, agreed on an individual basis with each family.
The Judo Academy are dedicated to the promotion of 'Judo for all', and will do everything possible to meet the needs of each student wishing to take part in its classes!!

Please note:

All payments for the license, insurance and grading go to the NGB, either the  IJA(online) or NIJF.  Should you wish The Judo Academy to make the payment  on your behalf, cheques should be should be made payable to
'The Judo Academy'. 
The Judo Academy will offer 'pound for Euro' conversion when making payment.

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